Kuroshitsuji: 24 [END] – The End of the Contract


I’m a sad, yet happy fangirl at the same time after watching the finale of Kuroshitsuji… Commentary and final impressions ahead!

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Tsui’s Favorite Anime OPs: pt.2

Zetsubou Sensei Pictures, Images and Photos
Second part of my favorite anime OPs countdown. From the Holy Grail to the town of Oyashiro-sama. To the Excalibur from the Rumba~ (this time it’s pic related.)

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Hetalia Axis Powers OP/ED Single – Marukaite Chikyuu


And here’s the OP/ED single for Hetalia Axis Powers!!! It also includes Italy’s song to Germany and the Chibitalia theme. The full version of Marukaite Chikyuu is so MOEEE!!! Of course they’re all sang by none other than Italy’s seiyuu himself, Namikawa Daisuke, which I declare, has the most MOE male seiyuu voice I ever heard. (Sorry Hiro Shimono, but Namikawa-san beat you on the singing part XP).

So download link below plus a short Hetalia group picture spam ^^!!!

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Billboard Top 50 [4/04/09]


Credits to Billboard Goddess

Only one thing to say: Pokerface for the number 1 spot!!!  It would be really epic if Lady Gaga would get another number 1 spot again. I mean, Pokerface had been number 1 in different countries, so why not in the US? So GO GAGA!!!

Meta Alliance: Moving!

[Note: This is just made out of boredom and for the lulz only]

2 webcomics in a single day?! Yeah, I’m on a boredom streak so forgive me XD!!! So here’s another act of Meta Alliance, and we have Kairu Ishimaru [Yoroshiku Anime Blog] as the lead star in here ^^. So here goes the act, Kairu is moving to a new home, which he knows that it’s cooler there than the old, rusty, .Com house.  So sit back, relax, and waste a little time reading it ^^. Other stars: foomafoo [Temporal Vortex], biankita [hikikomori-chan], tsuiteru [Metanorn], and yours truly =P.


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Meta Alliance: 7 times 7 times?

[Note: This is made out of boredom just for the lulz]

Uhh, how should I put this? lol… So here goes the story and the inspiration of this chapter. 7, Kokido Kombine’s founder said that he has multiple personas. So in our irc channel, as you can see the names with the light-green dot, they’re representing each persona of him. So in this chapter, here is 53RG10 (Open Your Mind), along with his mascot Suisei-chan (Deciphered Melody), as they randomly ended up in a warehouse full of 7’s ^^. (So that makes 7 + 7 +7 +7…)


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Tsui’s Favorite Anime OPs: pt.1


Part 1 of the list of my favorite anime opening sequences. Before I begin the list, I want to say that they are just based on my personal opinions and bias-ness. And pic: unrelated. Out of the hundred other great anime OPs out there, choosing only 20 was really hard. I don’t have a certain specific criteria, I just go with how awesome the music is, and how unique and watch-worthy the overall sequence will be. So anyhow, let us start of the list with harem, a badass teacher, Samurai’s, mecha and teh USA!

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Anime’s Next Top Model C2 [END] – And The Winner Is…


So, who will be the last girl standing fierce? Which girl between AMU and MISA will become Anime’s Next Top Model? The judges had evaluated and the people had spoken. Let us all know right now, as we will close this season to its finale.

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New banner set for April!



– Prussia/Gilbert [Hetalia Axis Powers]

New banners!!! What more can I say? (conceitedness level: increasing) nah lol it’s Prussia in this cool blue banner^^, and he’s here to occupy your vital space *yandere smile*.And he’s here saying that he’s made of awesomeness. Well, we cannot deny that it’s a fact.

So more new banners below the jumpity-jump!!!

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Hetalia Axis Powers: 09


More US and UK love, as well as cute Chibitalia moments!!! And oooh, someone’s yandere~

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