Final Fantasy Versus 13 – DKΣ3713 Trailer

Just awesome…

Everything looks well for my most anticipated game ever IMO. From the cars to the fashion, to Stella’s wind in the hair, everything oozes with awesome sauce.

The men (in black XD) accompanying Noctis are all cool, I think they are the friends of the Prince 🙂 Looks like this is going to be a futuristic version of the yakuza though. Lol at 3:54 for I thought that Noctis Caellum and Stella Fleuret would go run and hug each other but I’m so darn wrong XD… But lol, looks like the enemies are going to have a date on 4:17…

I’ll admit that I’m happy to own a PS3. With all those console wars happening, that’s all I’ve got to say.


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11 Responses to “Final Fantasy Versus 13 – DKΣ3713 Trailer”

  1. Damn. I miss Final Fantasy. Its been years that I didnt play FF. >_>

  2. FuyuMaiden says:

    I still have to get a PS3…need moneys. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one before this game is available to me. Hopefully I don’t space out on it for months (or years) some point after I start playing it too. (Have not finished FFXII and I got it like three months after it came out)

    It all looks so amazing though. All of this…in HD…I want this game now (or once I have my PS3). >_<

  3. Vatyrias says:

    Wah, wanna have PS3 now. But i read somewhere that FFXIII is going PC. Anyone else heard of something?
    And is FFXIII now going Di-Sword? But many times better than in Chaos;Head 😀

  4. mikaino says:

    Epic Win! I love Stella.

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu: What’s the last ff you played?

    @FuyuMaiden: PS3 for you this Christmas ^_^!!! I’m really excited for this game to come out ^_^

    @Vatyrias: FFXIII not versus, haven’t heard of that but I guess it would be alright. All I know is that FFXIII will be on both PS3 and XBox 360 though while this one (versus) gets only on PS3 ^_^ Lol @ Di-sword XD

    @mikaino: Stella is awesome isn’t she? I’m sure she’d be different from the other ff heroines/villains XD

  6. 53RG10 says:

    /me creams pants…

    Oh damn this looks awesome! I haven’t jumped on any new gen consoles yet, but this tips the scale on what I should get.

    But, the 360 still has the upper hand as it has more games I want to play and FFXIII will also be on it!

    Versus can wait I guess…or I can use my brother’s PS3 {who lives a bit far from us}. ^_^’

  7. 7 says:

    Awesome! I already have money saved up for PS3! Just waiting for this game to release. Then again, I’m still saving up for a new HD TV for my room. I guess I gotta wait some more. T_T

  8. Xiao says:

    Oh my fartin’ God… O.O

    …chaffeur dude looks so cool! xDDDDDD;;;;

    Haha, but that was pwnsome. It really was. Damn, now I really want a PS3. I can get it but I’m too lazy. =P Really should, though (since there are such major wonderful discounts right now), and this game definitely looks like it’s worth it.

    Ah~! The graphics, the character designs, the solitary radio talking at the beginning while Noct is just being “…” at the window (YES! I SO LOVE THAT! XD), shiny glowing insignias and sharp purdy weapons, Noct’s hawt possy (lol), and of course…chaffeur dude Noct and Stella~! <3333 lol They show their love through intense battle glares and purdy magic splinters flying everywhere…but a hug would be nice (snuggling~). lol

    And yea, chaffeur dude (I don’t know why I’m so amused with him so don’t ask!). xD;

  9. kanzeon says:

    @53RG10: Xbox 360 and PS3 really has that console wars thing going on with gamers fighting which is better. Actually I had a hard time choosing between PS3 and XBox 360 too ^^.

    @7: HD will really make things more awesome! Can’t wait for you to go in HD 🙂

    @xiao_jie: Lol the awesome chaffeur dude ^_^… when I’m watching some parts, my eyes only go straight at him because he reeks of coolness XD And I thought that Noct and Stella would really run and hug with Stella’s face like that until she unleashes her sword.. uh-oh XD

  10. Kanzeon: I think 10 or 12? Its on the ps2.
    Damn.. I miss my ps2. ;____;

  11. FlareKnight says:

    Definitely looking forward to this one. While I’ve had my PS3 for a while its a game like this that will definitely make that purchase worth it. Definitely a great trailer to look at.

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