An Early Christmas Banner!


New banner for the Holiday Season!!! Yeah I know it’s so early but I really feel the Christmas spirit, if it weren’t for all of the lights and sparkles around the city, children singing carols, and the smell of money being cashed away…

The banner features Kyon and Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I added “Santa’s Little Helper” (actually, it’s “Helpers“) for the nonsensical randomness because as you can see, Kyon (looking super hot in that reindeer costume) is helping the Santa Haruhi… Lol, and think of this blog as Santa’s Little Helper, because Tsui and I give gifts not only to the nice, but also to the naughty XD. (Did I mentioned that Kyon looks hot… and naughty?)

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Vampire Knight Guilty: 08 – Onii-sama, may I drink your blood O_O?

Wow, I’m beyond speechless with this episode. Lots of blood-sucking, neck (and mouth) licking, snow (yep, it’s should be mentioned here), and an AWESOME fight scene between Shiki and Rima!!! Yuuki also had her hair long now! [LOADS of spoilers ahead!] Continue below for the image spam and summary as well :).

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Model styled and photographed as a 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 year old.

Wow, I was just randomly browsing blogs and I stumble on to this amazing series of pictures. Everything’s done with the same model (aged 20), with different touches of the effects of make-up and lighting.  The 10-year old sure looks young, the 20-year old looks annoying, the 30-year old looks umm… wh0rish?, the 40-year old looks fierce, the 50-year old looks very feminist and strong, while the 60-year old looks like she had a lot of facelifts to make her look that… amazing.

(Vogue Paris November 2008 issue with Eniko Mihalik by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin styled by Carine Roitfeld, make-up by Lisa Butler)

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200+ Life Lessons You Learn From Anime


This is a hell long of a list!

Yeah, the photos aren’t back yet until tomorrow (hopefully) but here’s some random post for you. Below are listed 200+ (too lazy to count them all) Life Lessons that you can learned from anime. LOL I know it’s too long but I really have to create this post since yesterday because kanzeon told me to …it’s more like a punishment…somebody please save me from this oppresion!!! ;_;

Lol yeah since there’s nothing we could do about that, just enjoy reading them 😀 You really learn a lot from anime, from those daily routines, to girls and their behaviors, to villains, to challenges in life, and to love. Just take these inspirational advices and lessons!

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Winter Preview: Chrome Shelled Regios


Tsui chats…

Another Winter Anime… Still deciding whether to watch it or not. Maybe yes for the few first episodes, because some shounen action series can really vary from promising to disappointing. Continue below for more details about this show…

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ToraDora!: 08 – More Swimming, More Do-kin’

Relationship take turns in a swimming event: with Ryuuji being the prize for the sake of their summer vacation!


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ef ~a tale of melodies~ [07] – warumwarumreflection


Whoa, the main characters sure are really twisted in their own way. First, we have Yuuko, who inflicts mental and emotional torture to the guy who abandoned her since childhood. Next is Yuu, who seems to be a cold-hearted guy before, who’s now broken down and seems to be ready to kill anyone around. And Kuze, who really wants to live all along, even though how much he rejects the girl who loves him. Mizuki seems to be the most normal one, imo, she just needs love 🙂

Warning for warumwarumwarum photo spam (lots of pics btw…) Plus you’ll know why I’m having so much warumwarum today XD

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Vampire Knight Manga: Chapter 45


This latest Vampire Knight chapter is definitely packing up a lot of revelations and giving space for new developments!

[Super spoiler warning for those who are watching the anime!]

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Vampire Knight Guilty: 07 – The Thorny Kiss


Oh my, what happened to Shiki’s silver eyes?

Kan chats…

I must admit that this is definitely one of the better VK episodes ever since the first season. Lots of development and revelations! Also, I finally picked the series up again after finding out that it’s definitely getting better and we get to the point where I get to see more of Shiki and Rima, actually they’re the only reasons why I’m following this series XD… I’ll continue following this using raws 🙂 The post contains huge spoilers for those who are still catching up on the manga btw so please proceed with caution. [plus click on the pictures for larger resolutions]

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Nousatsu Rock Shounen – Frog to Prince; Geek to Rockstar


Charming Rock Boy (Nousatsu Rock Shounen) is the sequel to the oneshot Charming Rock Star (Nousatsu Rock Star) by Kikuchi Kamaro. The story tells about the unique story of Fujisaki Maki, who once had a peaceful life, until where she decided to help Nobitani, who is the target of bullying. Now everyone’s bullying her because she helped him. Because Nobitani feels guilty, he gives Maki tickets to a famous local band called ‘East Robo’. Since Maki is a huge fan of the band and its charismatic lead, Maki decides to go and during the concert. Maki noticed that Neji, the band’s lead singer, took a glance at her when he sung a ballad!

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