☆Blabber and Bones☆

Photobucket– The rumors for a sequel to Full Metal Alchemist and Darker than Black are not yet confirmed but BONES still have the possibility of continuing their project (Yeahhh!!) or maybe not (Boooo!)… As for me, I absolutely loved the two series and I’ll be glad if there would be any sequels to them but if there wouldn’t be any, it’s still fine since those two series doesn’t need sequels at all. If they are continuing them, especially FMA, they should assure the fans that they wouldn’t ruin the story of the manga. Good luck to the Bones studio btw.

– There would be a new OVA called Zettai Shougeki -Platonic Heart- and it will premiere on August 2008. The official site was recently opened and I think it looks cool so just wanna share it to y’all but still, I don’t have any idea what would this be about (since I can’t understand Kanji much) but the character thing there with matching VAs speaking was cool. I hope anime sites would be more on Flash than just posters XD…

– And for some rantings and spoiler on Code Geass: SHIRLEY DIED ON THE HANDS OF THAT ROLO!!! *gets emo for 5 seconds*

…*back to cheerful mood again*…

– For Allison to Lillia, I’ll finally start to watch it again since the Lillia and Treize arc is on and I’ll even try to blog it!!! Yipee!!!

– PLUS for those who have voted on Anime-NTM, you can still vote per day, per IP address (just in case you don’t know…) so keep your favorites on the running! Vote everybody!!! Vote! Vote! Vote! (or else I’ll get yandere…)



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6 Responses to “☆Blabber and Bones☆”

  1. blissmo says:

    I’d like to see a second season of Full Metal Alchemist, and I haven’t seen Darker than Black. maybe the first few eps, but didn’t really enjoy it

  2. Llora-chan says:

    It’s be cool if a sequel came out for FMA (even though I haven’t finished the 1st yet).
    I’ve never seen Darker than Black, but if the sequel is actually coming out, then I’ll give it a shot.

  3. Llora-chan says:

    Oh, and I like your Renge icon (at the top of the page). It’s from when it was Haruhi in Wonderland.

  4. Hei says:

    Prequel wouldn’t be so bad either for DtB 😛
    so we can see Hei and Amber together again

  5. dingsan says:

    FMA sequel is bad news. If they’re picking up after the movie (which would be the logical course of action), there won’t be any alchemy unless a convenient plot device lands the brothers back in their world.

    DTB sequel is welcome, though. Kirihara x Hei needs to be pursued further.

  6. Shin says:


    A sequel for Darker than Black is very much welcomed; can’t get enough of Misaki Kirihara.

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